Spun Mug

the spun mug eliminates that awkward handle yet integrates it’s ‘cool-to-the-touch’ advantages into a swirl of visual interest.

A ceramic 3d print is being created now – once I have a drink and make sure it’s ready, I’ll make it available to order.


Generative Art

The great state of Colorado has been keeping me away from my laptop, and thus I have not produced much in the way of interesting cooked plastic recently….  But I have been reading up on some mind blowing generative artvery cool images and 3d shapes that are produced semi-autonomously by writing iterative and recursive algorithms.

With just a few lines of code, you can dictate extremely complex shapes… Here’s an example I made with Structure Synth.

Block Squid - Generative Art via Structure Synth

A very slight twist on the basic Binary Kite Structure Synth example.

Some of the coolest generative art uses real data sets and visualizes them… like shipping routes around the globe.

This one is visualizing how cancer cells function

Processing, Structure Synth and Node Box are just a few of the apps that make this art form accessible to everyone…. Download them and you’ll be generating some great images in minutes. Processing is probably the place to start – it has great tutorials and can produce some amazing things…

But if you’re primarily interested in sculpture and 3d forms that you can hold in your hand, Structure Synth is for you.  And for programmers with Python running through their head at night, check out Node Box.

Stripped & Devilish….

The Devilish

The first batch of iphone cases i designed arrived today – in addition to the “Stripped” design, the second design (“Devilish”) also arrived.

“Devilish” turned out great. It’s got horns as you can see, but other than that it’s a streamlined case that keeps it simple.  The case is made by a laser “welding” each layer of the case from a pool of rising plastic powder.  This leaves a matte finish, but I bet it will wear smooth over time.  The pigment is embedded in the plastic.  The fit is workable, but a bit loose – so if you order one – remember, this is a first draft.  Also, I’ll be widening the button areas in the second draft – cause it’s a currently a bit constricting.  Either way – for a first shot in the dark – it turned out really well.  And while it’s a bit more fun than functional, for $15 bucks, it’s hard to go wrong.

The “Stripped” design is pretty out there and I knew it was unlikely to be perfect on the first try.  It actually fits well, but given all the long spans and the flexible plastic, it needs to be “pre-stressed” so that it really grabs on to the phone when you clip it on.  A few more tweaks and it will be ready for primetime.

Check out more pics of the cases below….

the iphone case…. Stripped!

So here it is…  my first iphone case design.  It’s out there. With a bare shoulder, it’s not meant for the exceedingly clumsy, but if you want your iphone to stand out, this is your case.  The “Stripped” case is already being cooked using SLS and should arrive in a few days.   Once I test it out and make sure it fits – I’ll post a link so you can order one if you like.  Should be around $25.

The Inagural Post

It’s gotten much easier to take an idea and turn it into something real.  Rapid prototyping used to cost a fortune, but now I can dream something up and have it “printed” and shipped to my house for less than $50.  That opens up a lot of opportunities for quick turn, small scale, customized products – and I think we’re on the verge of seeing a creative boom as designers take full advantage of this new freedom.

Constantly sketching up new ideas – i decided to bring a few to reality.  I’ll post them as they occur to me and make them available – so you can get your hands on them as well.

– James

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